The Problems with Budget Virtual Private Server Hosting

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Published: 29th June 2012
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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great way to get a small site started quickly. You can launch a site from nothing with almost no investment, and the VPS is largely responsible for the low barrier to entry in the web hosting world.

But not every VPS is equal. Many budget VPS providers skimp on features and cheat you with supposedly 'unlimited' plans.

  1. 1. Freedom as Feature

Budget VPS providers charge bottom dollar for their web hosting, but you get almost nothing for your money. The low price is really just an excuse to get you in and paying. Once there, they will try as hard as they can to make you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

If that was limited to annoying nag emails, well, that would be a pain but a small price to pay. Unfortunately, it also means that features that should be free aren't.

A good example is if you want to run more than one site on your server. Rather than investing in an entire virtual machine for a new site, most people want to point the new domain to a directory on your existing server. Good VPS providers let you do this. Cheaper VPS solutions, however, make you upgrade to a 'business' class that is often more expensive than other competing VPS solutions that let you do that by default.

Language support is another common way for a cheap VPS host to nickel and dime you. If you happen to want to work in a language other than PHP, often you have to pay for the upgrade.

  1. 2. Bottlenecked Hardware

Web servers are divvied up between many different host machines, which is what defines a virtual private server. Cheap VPS companies won’t guarantee resource availability.

Imagine, for instance, that there are two sites. One is popular on the West Coast of the United States, one on the East Coast. The East Coast one is popular during Lunch, while the West Coast one in the morning. That means that both are going to have a large traffic draw at the same time.

Most budget hosts bet that no two sites will have traffic spikes at the same time. Because of that, they place as many machines on each server as they can possibly hold. There is little room left over for an increase in traffic.

This isn't a problem among more reputable VPS hosts, because they guarantee a certain slice of the server.

  1. 3. High Downtime

Cheap hosts don't a keep close watch on their hardware. That means that cheaper VPS hosts have more downtime. And in business, downtime is poisonous. If your site isn't reachable, you can be sure that customers trying to visit your site will look elsewhere.

If you want your website to put its best face forward, you need to find a reliable VPS host. One that can guarantee uptime. 99.9% uptime, for example, means that your site will only be down for an average of 9 hours every year. Compare that to one that has both scheduled and unscheduled downtime a couple of times a month.

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